TOP is now in its third decade of existence and continued to growing. Our headquarter is located in Taipei with extending network to Taoyuan, Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen in China, and London.

Throughout the years, TOP has focused all its efforts into offering customers high quality freight forwarding solutions, delivering optimal cost versus benefits performance whilst leveraging a comprehensive worldwide agent network. Our customer base encompasses the traditional small and medium Taiwan-based companies as well as large, publicly listed, enterprises such as ABB, ADIDAS, NIKE, etc.

TOP has, since 2008, made effective use of the Total Logistics concept and platform promoted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, generating efficiencies for our customers and partners and paving the way for the group’s internationalization. Landmark corporate decisions have enabled TOP Group to set up fully functional stations in Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and London.

The future looks bright and TOP will not be satisfied with its achievements so far. In spite of the global economic storm we are all weathering, our plans include continued China expansion, customer support expands in North America and a comprehensive pan-European service through our London office.

Following our cheerful 40th anniversary celebrations in 2021, TOP remains confident in the continued support of our valued customers, the dedication and proven loyalty of the group’s shareholders and employees added to the experience, know-how and operational excellence achieved during the course of the company’s history, will stand us in good stead and define at the very least a further 30 years of success at the TOP.